Choir and Overhead Microphones

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The mingling ranges of bass, baritone, alto, mezzo, and soprano are wonderfully pleasing to the ear—when the audience can properly hear them, that is. The acoustics of a room aren’t always on the choir’s side, and a little extra help is required more often than not. Fortunately, CCI Solutions can help with a robust selection of choir and overhead microphones perfect for amplifying vocal stylings of all sorts.

Hanging choir microphones are small, unobtrusive mics that hang from the ceiling or are mounted to a mic stand or boom and pick up the audio, so no single voice drowns out the rest when properly placed.

Why Use Choir Microphones?

Pastors, Technical Directors, Choir directors, stage managers, and performers alike all want their events to go off without a hitch and sound as flawless as possible; they also don’t want bulky microphones distracting from the look of the performance or drawing attention away from the performers or singers.

Choir and overhead microphones improve the overall performance quality:

  • by leveling out the audio level of the different sections, when properly placed.
  • by making these enhancements with a microphone that is small enough, they are barely even noticeable to those watching.

These mics are perfect for choral singers, but they’re also great for theatrical productions, church sermons, speaking events, and virtually any other stage showcase where sound is involved, particularly if that sound will be coming from more than one person at a time.

What to Look for in a Choir Microphone

Quality of sound is obviously the chief concern for those seeking choir mics.

Depending on the situation, it’s likely a good idea to select a microphone that is highly portable as well, allowing for the most flexibility.

The CCI Solutions team is well versed in the specific capabilities of choir and overhead mics. Whatever your application or need is our team can point you toward the product that most closely aligns with your needs and provides the best sound quality.

Why Choose Us?

At CCI Solutions, we don’t just offer a huge selection of affordable condenser, cardioid and super-cardioid choir and overhead microphones, our all-star customer service team will walk you through our product offerings to find what best fits your needs.

Browse our great selection of choir and hanging microphones and other professional audio equipment today and let us know if we can help you in your search!