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Mackie is a worldwide leader in professional audio products, from loudspeakers and mixing consoles to studio and recording equipment. Mackie products are built-like-a-tank, meaning you can take them on the road and be confident that they'll hold up in the most demanding situations.

Mackie is famous for their compact mixers, which they created over 20 years ago to deliver pro-level technology and performance to the working musician for the first time ever. Since then, they have dedicated themselves to constantly improving this classic design, culminating in the expansive VLZ3 Series of compact mixers. With their signature VLZ3 high-headroom, low-noise design and modern summing bus architecture, you always get crystal clear signal, even when you really crank it up. Apart from compact mixers, CCI also carries portable audio mixers like the Mackie CFX.mkll Series, as well a Mackie Onyx Mixers.

You can also find powerful, great-sounding Mackie loudspeakers of all shapes and sizes at CCI Solutions. Check out the
SRM150 Compact Active PA System, or the SRM450 v2 Powered Speaker-- we call the Mackie speakers the "worship speaker" because they have been so widely adopted for so many uses in house of worship spaces.

We are very proud to offer Mackie Products and recommend them daily to our customers.

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