Lowell LT-810-72 Ceiling Tile Speaker

8” ceiling tile speaker, 1’ x 2’, 15W, dual cone

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This Ceiling Tile Speaker Is Great for Commercial Paging and Background Music

The 15 Watt Lowell LT-810-72 Ceiling Tile Speaker is a 1’ x 2’ assembly featuring model 810 dual cone drivers. For fast installation in suspended tile ceilings, just replace half of one of the standard 2’ x 2’ tiles or one quarter of a 2’ x 4’ tile in the ceiling with this Lowell LT-810-72 ceiling tile speaker system. The Lowell LT-810-72 ships with speaker leads that exit through a 0.5" Romex clamp for easy field connections. Assembly is supported by a T-bar grid and, where required by code, can also be secured to ceiling grid with seismic clamps or cables (not included).

Lowell LT-810-72 Features:
  • 1’ x 2’ speaker assembly
  • 15 Watt
  • 810 Dual cone driver

Specifications for the Lowell LT-810-72

{ "Driver Model" : " 810", "Size" : "8"", "Power Rating" : "15 Watts", "Type" : "Dual Cone", "Ceramic Magnet" : "10 oz.", "Frequency Response" : "45Hz - 13kHz +6dB 45Hz - 18kHz Nominal", "Dispersion 2000Hz -6dB" : "120°", "SPL 1W / 1M" : "95dB Avg 100dB Peak", "70V Transformer Choices Suffix Model*" : "4W:TLM70, TLM25, TLM72, TLM470, TLM425 8W:TLM870, TLM825", "Depth" : "2.84”", "Weight" : "2.0 lbs" }

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