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Discrete Hearing Assistance that Will Surpass Your Expectations!

Preserving the dignity of your church members in need of hearing assistance is easier with a Williams Sound Personal PA. Williams Audio has been at the forefront in producing listening systems and assistive listening devices since they were founded in 1976. Their PPA R35, PPA R37 and PPA T35 have all been setting the bar, surpassing the assistive listening requirements put in place by the ADA in 1990 with revisions in 2010 and 2012.

CCI Solutions holds to the same philosophy. That is, its not just enough to meet the requirements when it comes to making church services accessible to everyone. We want to provide hearing assistive devices for church that surpass requirements and expectations.

In addition to the installed hearing solutions we offer from brands like Telex and theWilliiams Sound Corp., we also have available the Williams Sound Pocketalker Pro and Williams Sound Pocketalker Ultra. These FM hearing systems are portable, personal amplifiers that can be used in any space. These handy little devices work to amplify sounds closest to the listener while reducing the interference that can often be caused by background noise.

800-562-6006 - Call us today for a free consultation and assistance in choosing the perfect hearing system for your church. Weve got 40 years of experience helping churches improve the audio clarity of their messages. Special pricing for churches is available on nearly every product we sell and every product we provide includes Lifetime Tech Support at no additional cost.