Yamaha MG10 10 Channel Mixing Console

Max. 4 mic / 10 line inputs (4 mono + 3 stereo) - 1 Stereo Bus - 1 AUX (incl. FX)

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  • Yamaha MG10 - 10-Input Mixer
  • AC Adaptor
  • Limited 1-Year Warranty


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10-channel mixer in a solid metal chassis

Yamaha's MG10 is part of their MG Series at the very top of the pack in regard to affordable, reliable analog mixers. Their studio-quality preamps, powerful digital processing, rugged, reliable construction, and intuitive, easy-to-use interface make them perfect for small active ministries and hard working bands. MG Series sound great, thanks to Yamaha's D-Pre Class A mic preamps and the high-quality op-amps delivering fat, natural bass and smooth, soaring highs with very low distortion. With 3-band equalizers on all mono channels, you get precise control of your sound, and high-pass filters allow you to eliminate unwanted low frequency noise for a smoother, cleaner mix.


  • 1 stereo bus
  • 1 AUX (incl. FX)
  • D-PRE mic preamps with inverted Darlington circuit
  • 1-knob compressors
  • PAD switch on mono inputs
  • +48V phantom power
  • XLR balanced outputs
  • Metal chassis

Specifications for the Yamaha MG10

{ "Outline": { "I/O": { "Phantom power": "+48 V" }, "Input Channels": { "Mono[MIC/LINE]": "4", "Mono/Stereo[MIC/LINE]": "-", "Stereo[LINE]": "3" }, "Output Channels": { "STEREO OUT": "2", "MONITOR OUT": "1", "PHONES": "1", "AUX SEND": "1", "GROUP OUT": "-" }, "Bus": "Stereo: 1, AUX[FX]: 1", "Input Channel Function": { "PAD": "26 dB (Mono)", "HPF": "80 ㎐, 12 dB/oct (Mono)", "COMP": "1-knob compressor Threshold: +22 dBu to -8 dBu, Ratio: 1:1 to 4:1, Output level: 0 dB to 7 dB, Attack time: approx. 25 msec, Release time: approx. 300 msec", "EQ HIGH": "Gain: +15 dB/-15 dB, Frequency: 10 k㎐ shelving", "EQ MID": "Gain: +15 dB/-15 dB, Frequency: 2.5k㎐ peaking", "EQ LOW": "Gain: +15 dB/-15 dB, Frequency: 100 ㎐ shelving", "PEAK LED": "LED turns on when post EQ signal reaches 3 dB below clipping", "Level Meter": "2 x 7 -segment LED meter [PEAK, +10, +6, 0, -6, -10, -20 dB]" } }, "General specifications": { "Total harmonic distortion": "0.02 % @ +14dBu (20 ㎐ to 20k㎐), GAIN knob: Min, 0.003 % @ +24dBu (1k㎐), GAIN knob: Min", "Frequency response": "+0.5 dB/-1.0 dB (20 ㎐ to 48 k㎐) , refer to the nominal output level @ 1 k㎐, GAIN knob: Min", "Hum & noise level": { "Equivalent input noise": "-128 dBu (Mono Input Channel, Rs: 150Ω, GAIN knob: Max)", "Residual output noise": "-102 dBu (STEREO OUT, STEREO LEVEL knob: Min)" }, "Crosstalk": "-83 dB", "Power requirements": "PA-10 (AC 38 VCT, 0.62A, Cable length = 3.6 m) or equivalent recommended by Yamaha", "Power consumption": "22.9 W", "Dimensions": { "W": "244 mm (9.6")", "H": "71 mm (2.8")", "D": "294 mm (11.6")" }, "Net weight": "1.9 kg (4.19 lbs.)", "Accessories": "Included Accessory: AC Adaptor, Owner’s Manual, Technical Specifications, Optional Accessory: Mic Stand Adaptor BMS-10A", "Others": "Operating Temperature: 0 to +40˚C" } }

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MG10 (YAM-MG10-CA) Specifications

MG Series Brochure

MG10 (YAM-MG10-CA) User Guide

MG10 (YAM-MG10-CA) Drawing

MG10 (YAM-MG10-CA) Precautions

MG Series Block Level Diagram

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