Tascam VS-R264 Full HD Over IP Live Streaming Encoder

H.264 Encoding (Baseline / Main/High) - 1920x1080p - RTMP / RTSP / HLS / Unicast / Multicast - Bidirectional

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What's in the box:

  • Tascam VS-R264
  • USB flash drive with TASCAM DISCOVERY application and Ref manual
  • (2) Installation Brackets
  • Euroblock plug
  • Cable band kit
  • 1-year Limited Warranty


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Connect in real time, record live experience

Tascam VS-R264 (TAS-VSR-264) Full HD Over IP Live Streaming Encoder simultaneously records, encodes, streams, and decodes Full HD video streams (1920x1080) using H.264 long GOP encoding with bit rates up to 30 megabits over standard networks suitable for 100Mbps or 1Gbps. Streamed footage can be simultaneously recorded and uploaded to a server for archiving, allowing the option to access to footage of past.


  • Full HD streaming to popular Content Delivery Networks (CDNs) including Wowza, Ustream, AWS Elemental MediaLive and CloudFront, etc
  • Half-rack size stand-alone unit—no external computer is needed for recording or streaming
  • Balanced analog Euroblock/Phoenix low voltage wire connectors and unbalanced analog ⅛" (3.5㎜) mini-stereo jacks
  • Simultaneous Recording and Archiving Via SD and USB
  • Compatible with popular standard streaming protocols, including HLS, RTMP, RTP/RTSP, Multicast, Unicast—all with RESTful API for integration into control systems in commercial AV installations

Specifications for the Tascam VS-R264

{ "Video": { "HDMI IN Connector": "HDMI v1.4a (Type A)", "HDMI OUT Connector": "HDMI v2.0 (Type A)", "Input Resolutions": { "2160p " : "-", "1080p " : "60 / 59.94 / 50 / 30 / 29.97 / 25 / 24 / 23.98 fps", "720p " : "60 / 59.94 / 50 fps", "576p " : "50 fps", "480p" : "60 / 59.94 fps" }, "Frame Rate Limit": "on/off", "Encode Scalling Resolutions": "Passthru / 1920x1080p / 1280x720p / 950x540p / 720x576p / 720x480p / 640x360p / 480x270p / 320x180p", "Encode Format": "H.264 (Baseline / Main/High)", "Encode bitrates": "500k to 30M bps", "Bitrate Control": "Variable / Constant", "key frame interva": "0.25-1.00-16.5(sec) or 3-1000(frame)" }, "Audio": { "Analog Audio inputs (UNBALANCED)": { "Connector": "3.5mm Stereo mini jack", "Nominal input level": "-10dBV (0.316Vrms)", "Maximum input level": "+6dBV (2.0Vrms)" }, "Analog Audio inputs (BALANCED)": { "Connector": "Euroblock (balanced) 3.81 mm pitch", "Nominal input level": "+4dBu(1.23Vrms, Ref.Level other than -9dBFS)+6dBu(1.55Vrms, Ref.Level -9dBFS)", "Maximum input level": [ "+15dBu(4.36Vrms, Ref.Level -9dBFS)", "+18dBu(6.16Vrms, Ref.Level -14dBFS)", "+20dBu(7.75Vrms, Ref.Level -16dBFS)" ] }, "Analog Audio outputs (UNBALANCED)": { "Connector": "3.5mm Stereo mini jack", "Nominal output level": "-10dBV (0.316Vrms)", "Maximum output level": "+6dBV (2.0Vrms)" }, "Analog Audio outputs (BALANCED)": { "Connector": "Euroblock (balanced) 3.81 mm pitch", "Nominal output level": "+4dBu(1.23Vrms)", "Maximum output level": [ "+15dBu(4.36Vrms, Ref.Level -9dBFS)", "+18dBu(6.16Vrms, Ref.Level -14dBFS)", "+20dBu(7.75Vrms, Ref.Level -16dBFS)" ] }, "Output Volume" : "-∞ -72 to +6dB (1dB step)", "Audio Codec": "AAC, 64k to 512k bps, 32k/44.1k/48k Hz" }, "Storage": { "Storage Media": "USB Drive, SD/SDHC card", "USB Connection": "USB3.0 A-type", "Record Bit Rates": "500k to 30M bps" }, "Stream": { "Video Transport Protocols": "RTMP / RTSP / HLS / Unicast / Multicast", "Simultaneous Streaming": "1 x RTMP / 2 x Unicast / 1 x Multicast", "Stream Bit Rates": "500k to 30M bps" }, "Network": { "Network Connectivity": "1Gb Ethernet", "Full-featured web browser based UI": "Designed for tablets and desktopsEncoder and decoder configuration for unicast, multicast and RTMP", "IP Address": "DHCP (Default) / Static", "Command and Control": "HTTP Auto-detect and discover other TASCAM encoder and decoder units on subnet." }, "Other": { "Power": "PoE+,TASCAM PS-P1220E AC adapter (sold separately)", "Dimensions": "214(W) × 44.5(H) × 136.1(D)mm (including protrusions)", "Weight": "0.85kg", "Operating temperature range": "0 to 40 °C", "Included Items": [ "Installation brackets", "Euroblock plugs", "Cable band kit", "USB memory(including Discovery app, reference Manual)", "Quick Start guide", "warranty " ] } }

Research Materials for Tascam VS-R264 (TAS-VSR-264)

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