Ross Video Carbonite Black Solo 109 (CBF-109) Rack frame production switcher

9 Ins (6 x 3G HD-SDI BNCs, 3 x HDMI) - 1RU - 1ME - 6 Outs (5 x 3G HD-SDI BNCs, 1 x HDMI)

5.0 out of 5 stars

What's in the box:

  • Ross Video Carbonite Black Solo 109
  • Single license of XPression Live CG (Requires Windows® 7 and 10 (32/64 bit OS) & NVIDIA® graphics card)
  • Power cord and Universal AC adapter
  • 1-year Limited Warranty


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The perfect fit for a small production solution

Ross Video Carbonite Black Solo 109 (RSV-CBF109) rack frame production switcher has 9 inputs in a 1 rack unit form factor. Small in size, this multi-definition live production switcher is designed to empower your operators and simplify your production workflow. This frame only option of Carbonite Black Solo product line has 1 ME with 6 SDI input BNCs, 3 HDMI inputs, 5 SDI output BNCs, 1 HDMI output, 24 GPIs, 16 tallies, and 1 AES output. The switcher electronics of this unit can be controlled by either the included software control panel or from a standard hardware based control surface. The software dashboard user interface provides the ability to control different shows at the same time and displays a fully configurable MultiViewer of all the inputs and routable outputs. Programmable, custom control can be setup to make powerful, dynamic effects simple and easy for even novice operators. This is a reliable, small production switcher with big production power - produce creative media of the highest possible quality.


  • Main ME has clean feed output and 4 powerful keyers with luma, linear, Chroma and DVE key types
  • Additional 5th hidden keyer for animated Media Wipe and DVE transitions.
  • 2 non-fixed MiniME modules, completely independent of Solo’s single ME, containing their own key/mix resources
  • 6 internal frame syncs / format converters eliminate the need for external conversion and sync equipment
  • 10 window fully configurable, MultiViewer

Specifications for the Ross Video Carbonite Black Solo 109

{ "Control Panels": { "Physical Features": "", "Direct Access Crosspoint Buttons": "9", "Number of ME Rows": "1", "Global Menu System / Memory Control with Mnemonic LCD Buttons": "yes", "True Next Transition Architecture": "yes", "Individual Keyer Transition Controls": "yes", "Custom Control Macros": "72 (Control Panel) 256 (DashBoard)" }, "Features & Interfaces": { "Number of Keys per ME": "5(4 + 1 Transition Key)", "Number of Keys per MiniME": "2 per MiniME", "Total Keyers": "9", "UltraChrome Keyer": "1", "Number of Media-Stores™ (Capacity 8GB)": "4", "Supported Media File Types": "Stills: .BMP. Stills & Animations: .JPG .JPEG (no Alpha), TGA & PNG (with Alpha) & 48k WAV audio files", "Browser-based Graphics Management": "yes", "Pattern Generators": "2", "Effects Memory with MemoryAI™": "300 (100 for ME and each MiniME)", "Custom Control Marcos": "36 (Control Panel) 256 (Dashboard)", "Internal Frame Synchronizers & Format Converters": "6 freely-assignable Frame Syncs & Format Converters. If the switcher is operating in 1080p 59.94, you can only use a maximum of 7 frame synchronizers to sync 1080p 59.94 video inputs. This can be up to 3 FSFCs and 4 MSFSs or 6 FSFCs and 1 MSFS. Format conversion is not restricted.", "Animated MediaWipes™": "yes", "Direct Media Store Render Via Ethernet": "yes", "LiveEDL™ (Requires external TC – Serial converter)": "yes", "Interfaces": "", "DashBoard Softpanel": "yes", "DashBoard LiveAssist": "yes", "ViewControl – Visual Production Control": "yes", "Robotic Camera Control": "yes", "Video Server Control (AMP)": "yes", "Audio Mixer Control (Yamaha)": "yes" }, "Frames (All-in-One and 1RU Frame)": { "Multi-Definition Inputs": "9 (6 x SDI, 3 x HDMI)", "Multi-Definition Outputs": "6 (5 x SDI, 1 x HDMI)", "Number of MEs": "1", "Number of MiniMEs": "2", "Number of Multiviewers™ with Tally and Source Names": "1 (Up to 10 windows)", "Internal Format Converters / Frame Synchronizer": "6", "Number of Floating DVE’s": "2", "Number of GPI/O": "24", "Number of Tallies": "24", "AES Digital Audio Output": "1", "Removable Storage Media": "USB", "Time Code Input": "Via External Gear Lite Converter (LTC)", "Ethernet Ports": "1", "Reference Input": "Black or Tri-Level", "Editor Port": "1 (RS-422)", "Signal Processing Standards": "", "Standard Definition": "480i/59.94, 576i/50", "High Definition": "720P & 1080i 50/59.941080PsF, 23.98/251080P 29.97", "3G 1080P": "1080P 50/59.94" } }

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A perfect switcher for smaller productions - Carbonite Black Solo by Ross Video

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Joel Caturia - Light of Christ Lutheran Church, Federal Way, WA
This switcher has simply exceeded all of my expectations. The luminance keyers are sharp even just using a single HDMI input from Powerpoint and Proclaim.

Ross Video's Dashboard control software is very good, and demonstrates how much remote control is available over the network connection. One of the most important things to me was how easy this would integrate with my custom Extron based external control system. I couldn't be happier with what I was able to accomplish! Once I had the custom protocol driver developed, I was able to get 100% real-time feedback into my control system. This means nearly anyone with a minimal amount of training should be able to run the equipment for our streaming service!

It seems very likely I will never need to buy anything other than these Ross Video Carbonite Black switchers for any future projects I design, either at church or in my professional career.

Joel Caturia
Extron Authorized Programmer