Proximity Systems UVC-SA Stand Alone UVC Disinfector for Microphones, Bodypacks, Earbuds, and Other Devices

Motion-sensor activation - Germicidal UV-C light - Built-in audit trail

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  • Proximity Systems UVC-SA
  • power adapter


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Enhancement to traditional infection control practices

Proximity Systems UVC-SA (EC-UVC-SA) stand alone UVC disinfector for microphones, bodypacks, earbuds, and other devices does a remarkable job of cleaning high touch surfaces of commonly used gear. The UVC-SA dispenses germicidal UV-C light at low levels to form your ultimate guard against the spread of infections, eliminating 99.9% of pathogens. When used as a supplemental strategy to physical cleaning, this new automated chemical-free disinfecting technology will help to eliminate the transfer of harmful pathogens while being safe for you. Simply place your gear in the stainless-steel tray and walk away for the cleaning cycle to begin. Although hand washing policies should be your first layer of defense, UVC-SA will provide an additional level of disinfection. Requiring minimal assembly and simple to use, the UV-C light is dispensed at timed intervals with low levels up to 24" away, to break down the DNA of organisms on high-touch surfaces. UVC-SA is equipped with automated cleaning cycles, and a motion sensor. As soon as motion is detected, it will discontinue its cycle and then resume cleaning immediately after no motion is detected. Every unit includes a USB cable that will allow you to connect the UVC-SA device to a PC for easy download of its audit trail. All audit trails reside locally on each device, eliminating any network security issues.


  • Simply place your mobile devices in our stainless-steel tray and walk away
  • Optimizing day to day work flow with an automatic means of self disinfection
  • Cable management within stand to conceal power cable
  • Low cost of ownership to implement device that wont impact efficiency
  • A solution that will protect staff and no manual check sheets to track cleaning

Specifications for the Proximity Systems UVC-SA

{ "Material" : { "Unit" : "100% recyclable UV stable plastic", "Tray" : "15-gauge powder-coated steel", "Low energy LED task light" : "" }, "Connections" : "UV-C bulb and 5.5 mm power port connection to USB or supplied power adapter", "Effictive Results" : { "Distance" : "Breaks down microorganisms up to 24\" away", "Overall" : "Kills 99.9% of pathogens on high-touch surfaces" }, "Measurements" : { "Width" : "14.38\"", "Height" : "11.3\"", "Depth" : "10.5\"" } }

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Proximity Systems UVC-SA (EC-UVC-SA) Specifications

Proximity Systems UVC-SA (EC-UVC-SA) Brochure

Proximity Systems UVC Radiation Device White Paper

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Isaac Manuel - Terrace Lake Church
We see this as a better option than using bleach or alcohol wipes or spray.