Kramer 3.00m (10ft) HDMI Flexible Cable Ultra Slim, High-Speed, Black

Black - 3.00m (10ft) - 4K@60Hz (4:2:0)

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  • Kramer 3.00m (10ft) HDMI Flexible Cable
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Narrower cable diameter fits more easily into tight spaces

Kramer's 3.00m (10ft) HDMI Flexible Cable (KRA-CHMHMPICO10) Ultra Slim, High-Speed, Black is a narrower cable diameter fits more easily into tight spaces behind televisions or in a cabinet. It supports resolutions up to 4K@60Hz (4:2:0).


  • Max resolution — 4k@60㎐ (4:2:0)
  • Quality performance — kramer‚s new HDMI cables provide an uncompressed digital link between consumer electronics equipment such as DVD players, set–top boxes and audio/video monitors such as plasma display screens for high–definition tvs.
  • High–quality connectors — slim HDMI connector heads 16.0 ㎜ wide and 8.0mm thick (5/8" wide and 5/16" thick)
  • Space saving — a tighter bend radius combined with the low–profile connector can save up to 1" of depth behind the equipment
  • HDMI support — signals up to ultra–HD 4k, HDMI ethernet channel, 3d, X.V.color™, deep color, lip sync, 7.1 PCM, dolby truehd, DTS–HD, CEC

In 1981, Kramer was founded with passion and resolve to innovate in the video era. Since then, they have consistently grown and evolved with an industry that has raced forward at lightning speed. Today, along with their partners and distributors, they passionately serve Pro AV customers on six continents with innovative solutions powered by cutting-edge cloud technologies, advanced software applications and industry-leading hardware.

Specifications for the Kramer 3.00m (10ft) HDMI Flexible Cable

{ "Video" : { "Max Resolution for 3-6ft (0.9-1.8m) lengths" : "4K60Hz (4:4:4) ", "Max Resolution for 10ft (3m) length" : "4K60Hz (4:2:0) ", "Max Data Rate for 3-6ft (0.9-1.8m) lengths" : "18Gbps (6 Gbps per channel) ", "Max Data Rate for 10ft (3m) length" : "10.2Gbps (3.4 Gbps per channel) ", "HDMI Support" : "HDCP 2.2, EDID, CEC, HDR–10, HLG, Dolby Vision " }, "Audio" : { "Supported Audio Formats" : "Dolby Digital Plus, Dolby TrueHD, DTS–HD Master Audio™, DVD Audio, SA–CD " }, "PHYSICAL" : { "Connectors" : "2 Male HDMI Type A, 24K gold–plated connector ", "Bending radius" : "36mm " }, "CONDUCTORS" : { "Diameter" : "34AWG(7/0.06) ", "Material" : "Tinned Copper " }, "SCREENING" : { "Type" : "Triple shielding " }, "JACKET" : { "Material" : "PVC ", "Available Colors" : "Black, blue, green, yellow, orange, red, pink and white ", "Diameter" : "3.6± 0.15mm " }, "ELECTRICAL" : { "Temperature Rating" : "80°C ", "Voltage Rating" : "30V ", "Conductor Resistance" : "34AWG–1.08KΩ/KM MAX. at 20°C" }, "REGULATORY" : { "Rating (NEC/UL/CSA)" : "VW–1 " } }

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3.00m (10ft) HDMI Flexible Cable (KRA-CHMHMPICO10) Specifications

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