Elite Core (PS6030) Stage Sub Snake (Black)

30 ft 6-Channel XLR Stage Sub Snake with No Returns

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The Elite Core PS6030 is a 30 foot, 6 channel stage snake. The PS6030 has 6 XLR inputs and no returns. Elite Core snakes feature 24 gauge shielded lines with foil shield and a drain wire on each channel. Neutrik YS series of connectors are used on the fanout as well as the box. All channels and returns are fully balanced and shielded, with XLR connectors throughout. Each Elite Core stage snake also comes with a bag to cover the stage box or fan during transport or storage.


  • 6 Balanced XLR Channels
  • Shielded Twisted Pair with foil and drain wire
  • Low oxygen copper
  • Metal strain relief on both fanout and box end
  • Neoprene jacket
  • Each chanel labeled
  • Easy pull handle on stage box
  • Heavy-duty heat shrink over entire length of fanout
  • Cable management disk on fanout
  • Field-serviceability with machine screws to attach connectors to box

Specifications for the Elite Core (PS6030) Stage Sub Snake

{ "Elite Core stage snake" : [ "6 Balanced XLR Channels", "Shielded Twisted Pair with foil and drain wire", "Low Oxygen Copper", "Metal Strain Relief on both fanout and box end", "Neoprene jacket", "Each channel labeled", "Easy pull handle on stage box", "Heavy-duty heat shrink over the entire length of fanout", "Cable management disk on fanout", "Field-serviceability with machine screws to attach connectors to box" ] }

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