New 4K scaling engine - Low Power - 4 x (3G/HD/SD)-SDI outputs

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What's in the box:

  • Decimator Design 12G-CROSS
  • Power Supply
  • USB Cable
  • 1-year Limited Warranty

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With Scaling And Frame Rate Conversion

Decimator Design's 12G-CROSS (DEC-12GCROSS) HDMI / SDI 4K CROSS CONVERTER is a small (4.2" x 5.1" x 1.2"), low power, portable converter encased in a solid robust aluminium case. It does not utilize a noisy fan, allowing it to be used in almost any environment. This truly portable product integrates easily in simple set-ups, and it incorporates an easy-to-use LCD screen and button control system, providing easy access to the outstanding features without cumbersome switches or additional hardware.


  • Allows either of the HDMI or SDI outputs to be simultaneously sourced from either the HDMI or SDI input or the new 4K scaling engine.
  • The 4K scaling engine can be driven by either the SDI or HDMI input, supports horizontal and/or vertical flipping and can be locked to either the SDI, HDMI or Genlock input.
  • The audio pairs in the SDI and HDMI outputs can be rearranged as required.
  • Includes 4 x (3G/HD/SD)-SDI outputs, that allow it to be used as a 1 to 4 distribution amplifier.
  • The 4K scaling engine can scale and/or frame rate convert between any of the following 57 formats:
    • (3840 or 4096) x 2160p50/59.94/60 via HDMI or 12G-SDI
    • (3840 or 4096) x 2160p30/29.97/25/24/23.98 via HDMI or 6G-SDI
    • (1920 or 2048) x 1080p50/59.94/60 via HDMI or 3G-SDI (A or B)
    • 1920 x 1080i60/59.94/50 via HDMI or HD-SDI
    • (1920 or 2048) x 1080p30/29.97/25/24/23.98 via HDMI or HD-SDI
    • (1920 or 2048) x 1080psf30/29.97/25/24/23.98 via HD-SDI
    • 1280 x 720p60/59.94/50/30/29.97/25 via HDMI or HD-SDI
    • 1280 x 720p24/23.98 via HD-SDI
    • 720 x 480p59.94 or 720 x 576p50 via HDMI
    • 720 x 480i59.94 (NTSC) or 720 x 576 (PAL) via HDMI or SD-SDI

Decimator Design is an Australian based company that is dedicated to the design and manufacture of advanced video broadcast solutions. Their products are known worldwide for their quality and reliability, making it an easy choice for any engineer or media professional.

Specifications for the Decimator Design 12G-CROSS

{ "SDI FORMATS" : [ [ { "12G" : "SMPTE 2048-1/2036-1@11.88 and 11.868Gb/s" }, "(3840 or 4096) x 2160p@60/59.94/50Hz" ], [ { "6G" : "SMPTE 2048-1/2036-1@5.94 and 5.934Gb/s" }, "(3840 or 4096) x 2160p@30/29.97/25/24/23.98Hz" ], [ { "3G-A or 3G-B" : "SMPTE 424M@2.97 and 2.967Gb/s" }, "(1920 or 2048) x 1080p@60/59.94/50Hz" ], [ { "HD" : "SMPTE 292M/274M/296M@1.485 and 1.435Gb/s" }, "1920 x 1080i@60/59.94/50Hz", "(1920 or 2048) x 1080p/psf@30/29.97/25/24/23.98Hz", "1280 x 720p@60/59.94/50/30/29.97/25/24/23.98Hz" ], [ { "SD" : "SMPTE 259M@270Mb/s" }, "720 x 576 (PAL)", "720 x 480i59.94 (NTSC)" ] ], "HDMI FORMATS" : [ "(4096 or 3840) x 2160p@60/59.94/50/30/29.97/25/24/23.98Hz", "1920 x 1080p@60/59.94/50/30/29.97/25/24/23.98Hz", "1920 x 1080i@60/59.94/50Hz", "1280 x 720p@60/59.94/50/30/29.97/25", "720 x 480p59.94 or 720 x 576p50", "720 x 480i59.94 (NTSC) or 720 x 576 (PAL)" ], "INPUTS" : [ "1 x HDMI Type A", "1 x (12G/6G/3G/HD/SD)-SDI", "1 x Genlock" ], "OUTPUTS" : [ "1 x HDMI Type A", "2 x (12G/6G/3G/HD/SD)-SDI Re-clocked Loop-through", "2 x (12G/6G/3G/HD/SD)-SDI" ], "LCD / BUTTON MENU OPTIONS" : [ "SDI output source from HDMI IN, SDI IN or Scaler", "HDMI output type and source from HDMI IN, SDI IN or Scaler", "Scaler source, reference, format and Aspect Controls", "Audio pair routing for HDMI and SDI output", "LCD backlight off time", "Back to Status time" ], "POWER" : [ "+5V to +32V DC", "Positive Centre Pin" ], "DIMENSIONS" : "106mm x 130mm x 31mm (4.2” x 5.1” x 1.2”)" }

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12G-CROSS (DEC-12GCROSS) Brochure

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