Fischer Amps Rack-mount Battery Charger 16-Slot AA or AAA Rechargeable Batteries

Rackmount Battery Charger for AA/AAA Batteries

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The Ansmann 960-00171 rackmount AA/AAA battery charger is an excellent solution for large stage setups using multiple wireless systems. Equipped with the latest charging technology integrated in a professional and practical housing, this charger rackmount-ready, making it perfect for touring groups as well. This processor-controlled ultra rapid charger comes with intelligent features such as detection of faulty batteries and trickle charging to keep batteries charged while preventing overcharging, which makes the decision to work with rechargeable batteries much easier.

Ansmann's 960-00171 Features:

  • Charge AA and AAA batteries
  • Improved battery tray for easy insertion and removal
  • Rack-mount ready housing, 19" 1U (44mm), steel
  • Fast charging of batteries in 2 to 4 hours
  • Separate supervision per rechargeable battery
  • Integrated switching power supply 90V to 250V without switchover
  • 3- year warranty

Specifications for the Fischer Amps Rack-mount Battery Charger

{ "Maximum Input Power" : "50 W", "Operating Voltage" : "90 - 250 VAC, 50/60 Hz (automatic voltage adjustment)", "Type and Number of Batteries" : "16 pcs. AA batteries or AAA batteries - individual charging", "Charging Current Max." : { "AA batteries" : " 16 x 800mA", "AAA batteries" : " 16 x 400mA", "automatic detection" : "" }, "Charging Time Max." : { "AA batteries 2850 mAh" : " Approx. 4 hours", "AAA batteries 1000 mAh" : " Approx. 2.5 hours with discharged batteries" }, "Dimensions (L x D x H)" : "19 x 7.7 x 1.7" (483 x 195 x 44 mm)", "Weight" : "5.7 lb (2.6 kg)" }

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