Wireless In Ear Monitor Systems

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Elevate your mix and your musical performance to the next level with our extensive range of professional in-ear monitors. The right in-ear monitors will reduce your stage volume while making it easier for you to hear your voice or instrument, improving your performance and reducing vocal fatigue. In addition to making your personal monitor mix sound better, cutting down the stage volume also means the house mix gets cleaner and clearer, ensuring your improved performance can be heard by the audience.

What Are Wireless In Ear Monitors?

Professional in-ear monitors are universal fit or custom fit earphones that fit tightly into your ears to provide clear sound right to your ear drums while isolating outside noise. Whether mixed from a Front of House console, Monitor console, or personal monitor systems, a custom mix can be delivered directly to your ears clearly and safely, allowing you to focus on your performance.

Unlike alternatives such as headphones, in ear monitors provide you with superior noise isolation due to the seal they provide in your ears. Unlike floor monitors, or wedges as they're often called, in-ear monitors don't have to be cranked loud to cut above the stage volume, making them both clearer and safer for the health of your hearing.

Enhance Live Performances

In ear personal monitor systems are the perfect solution for live performances. If you see any band play at a professional level, they utilize the in-ear monitoring systems to boost their performance. They are compact, efficient, and allow the performers to move freely across the stage or space.

Create Professional Sound

Professional in-ear monitor systems are intuitive, efficient, easy to use, and cause less ear fatigue. Providing a superior sound quality in a compact form factor. Professional in-ear monitors deliver outstanding sound right to your ear drums with more clarity and less volume, making them ideal for musicians who want to be their best. While universal fit in-ear monitors are generally cheaper, custom in-ear monitors offer more comfort and less ear fatigue, making them the choice of professional musicians and performers world-wide.

Find The Perfect Wireless In Ear Monitor System

Ready to take your performance to the next level, but still need to be able to move about the stage? In-ear monitors can be driven from your console or a personal monitor mixer with either a wired or a wireless IEM solution. At CCI Solutions, we offer a wide selection of in-ear monitoring systems that are tailored to your unique needs. We can help you find the best option for your budget and requirements. We're passionate about helping you perform at your best, and the right in-ear monitor solution will help you get there. Call our National Sales Consultants today to talk about the best monitor solution for your stage.