Shure SE Earphones

It's a simple fact of life for musicians - the better you hear, the better your performance. Shure SE series Sound Isolating Earphones are the newest generation of technology from one of the best-known makers of in-ear monitors. If you're looking for a great set of in-ear phones, Shure SE phones let you hear your music like never before - with great comfort in a stylish design.

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Shure personal monitoring helps you hear in two major ways. The Shure SE Series offers clean, crisp sound in a small package. More than mere 'in ear headphones' or 'earbuds' - these Shure earphones use advanced micro driver technology, to deliver accurate sound with surprising dynamic range directly into your ear canal. These professional phones, with a secure fit, are comfortable to wear, even for extended periods of time. Additionally, these noise isolating earphones cut surrounding noise by 37 dB, reducing background noise that could conflict with your monitor mix.

But the Shure SE series Sound Isolating Earphones offer even more benefits. By eliminating the need for monitor speakers, these in-ear monitors make sound mixing easier. No more loud monitor wedges to compete with the main speaker system! Replacing monitor speakers with Shure SE earphones also reduces clutter on stage and saves space. Finally, Shure SE Series sound isolating earphones allow you dramatically increase control of your on-stage volume. Now you can bring the volume of the sound on or near the stage to whatever level you want and the musicians can still hear everything they need to play at their best.

The Shure SE Series gives you a choice of four models. The entry-level Shure SE 215 delivers good full-range sound with enhanced bass, while the Shure SE 315 uses a single high-definition micro driver for more full-range sound and optimized low-end. The Shure SE 425 contains a 2-way HD micro driver system for even wider range, and the top-of-the-line SE 535 offers remarkable fidelity through a 3-way HD micro driver system. All models feature detachable cables.

Building on the popular first-generation Shure E Series and the second-generation Shure SCL Series, the new Shure SE Series brings Shure's long history of reliability and value to the latest generation of in-ear monitor technology.