KSM Microphone Series

Uniting the best of the studio and stage, the Shure KSM9 microphone captures vocal intricacy with astonishing detail to deliver clear articulation, functional flexibility and precise vocal reproduction. That's why top Christian artists and worship leaders like Lincoln Brewster, Leann Albrecht, Bart Millard and more choose the KSM9 for their vocals. The advanced audio technology of the KSM9 features a dual diaphragm design and switchable polar patterns that allow higher gain before feedback and more flexibility in challenging performance environments. Available in wired and wireless versions, the KSM9 microphone will flawlessly master the sound of your message.
"Absolutely delightful. I think it actually made MY voice sound good. I actually found it easier to sing because my voice sounded so good in my ears. A million thanks." -Lincoln Brewster
"The second I began to sing into a KSM9, everything changed. For the first time in my life, I heard the sound I had been looking for. It literally made me want to sing. You can find the KSM9 from the great folks at CCI Solutions.You will not be disappointed with their expert assistance." -Leann Albrecht
"It's the best mic I've ever had." -Bart Millard, Mercy Me

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