QSC AP Series Loudspeakers

QSC AP Series Loudspeakers
With better clarity and intelligibility, the

QSC AP Series installation loudspeakers

are an incredible value for small or medium-sized churches, gymnasiums and educational facilities. These Acoustic Performance speakers sound so great because QSC designed the horn and the woofer to work together at crossover. By making the coverage angle the same at this critical point, you get constant power response and a tonal characteristic that is remarkably consistent. The large horn and powerful 3" driver control frequencies down to a lower level for better control and clearer sound, especially in a gym or reverberant church.

With the 10" loudspeaker, you have a 105 degree angle of coverage, which is perfect for under-balcony or fill use, while the 12" model has 90 degrees, which is a nice amount of coverage for most seating areas. These speakers are designed to hang with M10 rigging points on the top and sides, and you have the NL4 connection or direct connection via barrier strip for heavy, 10-gauge wire (this is important to feed enough power to these speakers without power loss). You can run them with one amplifier channel or bi-amp them and run them with QSC's digital signal processing. From an installation standpoint, they look very clean with no logos on the front, and the concave metal grille is sturdy without unwanted resonance. The complete family includes the 15" 2-way, 12" 2-way, 10" 2-way, and a multipurpose monitor speaker.

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The same groundbreaking DMT technology used in the famous K Series gives QSCs new AcousticPerformance (AP) passive loudspeakers remarkably consistent coverage with smooth and accurate reproduction both on and off-axis. This means that everyone in the audience hears the message with the same clarity!

All AcousticPerformance high-performance speakers are constructed with 15-ply Baltic birch plywood boxes, and use 3”voice coil compression drivers to deliver a clean and powerful high frequency response.

These models may be used in passive (full-range) mode to minimize amplifier channel count or bi-amp mode for greater control and performance, and feature fly-points and mount points for an optional yoke bracket. The clean, aesthetic design of the unadorned grilles with acoustically transparent backing add yet another professional element to these exceptional loudspeakers.

Because of their consistent coverage, clear audio reproduction and professional look, our CCI Solutions Sound Techs highly recommend the QSC AP Series speakers for church installations!