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Fixed Frame Projector Screens

Projectors are common for many uses today; sales presentations, home theater, or providing part of a performance in a live venue. Projectors by themselves are just part of the process though. The projector screen is also a very important component, although we tend not to think about them as much. But your projector screen choice is just as important as your projector choice, and at CCI Solutions we have the best selection of fixed frame projector screens.

Why Choose a Fixed Frame Projector Screen

Fixed frame projector screens are intended for permanent installation and do not need to be electrically retracted into a housing. Over time, electric projector screens tend to lose tension and curl on the sides, meaning they are no longer flat and the ideal projection surface. Fixed frame projector screens are generally more cost-effective, longer-lasting, and simpler to install than their electric counterparts, and are the perfect choice when a permanently mounted projection screen can be installed.

Fixed Frame Screen Ratios

At CCI Solutions we have projector screens with 16:10 and 16:9 ratios. 16:9 is the native aspect ratio for most video sources, so they’re the ideal ratio for usage in churches showing live cameras (image magnification) or for home theater use. 16:10 is the native aspect ratio for most computers.  If your fixed frame projector screen is generally used in a conference room or other location where a computer is the main or only source, a 16:10 ratio screen will likely be the best choice.

Projector Screens at CCI Solutions

With so many projection screen sizes, formats, and screen materials to choose from, let our team help you choose the right fixed frame projector screen for your application. Our staff of experienced professionals can guide you through all of the options available to pick the right screen for your needs.