Absen LED Wall Panel Lineup

NX Series

Flexible, Lightweight & Curvable

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Acclaim Series

Absen's Flagship Panel

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PL Series

Portable for faster setup & teardown

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#1 LED Wall Manufacturer for 15 Consecutive Years

Absen has delivered more than 50,000 installations in over 130 countries including at NBA arenas, FIFA World Cups Stadiums, Times Square, even presidential debates.

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Longer Life

Absen LED video walls last 12-15 years, making them more cost effective over time vs. projection.

  • Performance won't degrade like typical LCD displays
  • LED technology offers constant, vibrant color and high brightness for the lifespan of the LED display
  • LED digital display technologies are preferred for digital signage for these reasons

Less Maintenance

No lamps or filters to replace. If a pixel ever goes out, swap in one of the included spare LED tiles. Long term support offering extra tiles from the same batch of LEDs.

  • LED walls are simple to operate and easy to repair
  • Spare LED tiles, control boards, and extra cables included
  • Modular, front serviceable design for ease of install and maintenance

More Flexible

Panels seamlessly attach to one another to create a wide range of configurations for indoor and outdoor applications.

  • Create square, portrait even non-rectangular layouts
  • High-resolution fine-pitch LED panels are ideal for close-up viewing
  • Higher pixel pitch panels with more space between pixels are a cost-effective choice for further distance viewing without sacrificing image quality

LED Video walls bring clarity to your message.

We have LED Wall solutions for every application.

Wall Mount

Heavy-duty aluminum wall brackets included. We recommend plywood as a backing material, screwed into wall studs. Paint the edges black to ensure the most flush and integrated look to your LED video wall installation.

  • Surface mount
  • Clean appearance
  • Permanent installation
  • Can be integrated with architectural design
  • Requires structural consideration related to wall strength


LED panels attach to header bars that make suspending your LED video wall possible with their integrated heavy-duty eye bolts. Flown LED wall installation brings your message out into the room for high-impact audience engagement.

  • Adjustable height is possible
  • Flexible locations / independent of wall locations
  • Requires ceiling structure load consideration

Ground Support

Great for portable LED walls and stage backdrops. Requires space behind the wall for support structure.

  • Flexible stage positioning
  • Weight load on building roof structure is eliminated
  • Good for backdrops
  • Portable
  • Ships in road cases

What are people saying about
LED video walls from CCI Solutions?

“With the LED Walls their isn't a bad seat in the room, and even the seniors can see the text on the screen better without having to use big fonts. When we put any moving images on the screen it helps the church absorb the atmosphere we are trying to project.”

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New Beginnings Christian Fellowship
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