Roland V-1HD Portable Compact HD Video Switcher

Full HD 1080p - Supports cameras, smart phones, tablets, and more, easy to use interface - 12 channel audio mixer

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What's in the box:

  • Roland V-1HD
  • AC adaptor
  • Power cord
  • Cord hook
  • 1-year Limited Warranty


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Feature packed and easy to use

The Roland V-1HD Portable compact HD Video switcher makes it easy to connect and switch video cameras, smart phones, computers, tablets, Blu-ray players and other HDMI video sources with a simple push of a button or slide of the T-Fader. It supports professional compositing effects such as picture-in-picture and keying allowing for graphic insets, titling or even "green screen", ideal for news broadcast or corporate training productions.


  • Four HDMI inputs
  • Supports up to full HD 1080p
  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Four-way multi view preview screen shows all four input sources on a single display for confident monitoring
  • Full 12-channel Digital Audio mixer included
  • Large Back-Lit Buttons for intuitive video switching even in low light conditions
  • Picture-in-Picture and Split Functions
  • Two EFFECTS Knobs deliver genuine visual performance
  • Easy-to-operate with Hardware Controls

Roland's Pro A/V Division supplies the commercial and performance audio/video industries with application specific equipment. Since 2012 Roland has been selected in the top 100 companies for streaming products by Streaming Media Magazine.

Specifications for the Roland V-1HD

{ "Video" : { "Video Processing" : "4:2:2(Y/Pb/Pr), 8-bit", "Input Connectors" : { "HDMI INPUT 1-4" : "Type A(19pins)x 4 *HDCP Supported" }, "Output Connectors" : { "HDMI OUTPUT" : "Type A(19pins)", "HDMI PREVIEW" : "Type A(19pins) *HDCP Supported" }, "Input Formats" : { "HDMI" : [ "720/59.94p,720/50p(FORMAT switch = 720p)", "1080/59.94i,1080/50i,1080/59.94p,", "1080/50p(FORMAT switch = 1080i or 1080p)", "*The input interlaced video signal is converted to progressive video signal by internal processing.", "*The video signal frame rate is selected by SETUP parameters (59.94 or 50)." ] }, "Output Formats" : { "HDMI" : [ "720/59.94p,720/50p(FORMAT switch = 720p)", "1080/59.94i,1080/50i(FORMAT switch = 1080i)", "1080/59.94p,1080/50p(FORMAT switch = 1080p)", "*The video signal frame rate is selected by SETUP parameters (59.94 or 50)." ] }, "Video Effects" : { "Transition" : " CUT, MIX (DISSOLVE/FAM/NAM/MOSAIC), WIPE (30 types),TRANSFORMER(11 types)", "EFFECTS" : [ "NEGATIVE, EMBOSS, COLORIZE, COLORPASS, POSTERIZE, SILHOUETTE,", "MONOCOLOR, FINDEDGE, FLIP, WH-LUMIKEY@, BK-LUMIKEY@", "GR-CHROMAKEY@, BL-CHROMAKEY@, PinP(1/4)@, PinP(1/2)@", "SPLIT(H-STRETCH)@. SPLIT(H-CENTER)@, SPLIT(V-STRETCH)@", "SPLIT(V-CENTER)@", "*@ marked Effects are effected common to A-BUS and B-BUS." ] } }, "Audio" : { "Audio Processing" : { "Sampling rate" : "24bit/48kHz" }, "Input Connectors" : { "Digital" : " HDMI INPUT 1–4 (19 pins) x 4", "Analog" : " AUDIO IN (RCA pin type), MIC (Stereo mini type, plug-in power supported)" }, "Output Connectors" : { "Digital" : " HDMI OUTPUT (HDMI Type A 19 pins), HDMI PREVIEW (HDMI Type A 19 pins)", "Analog" : " AUDIO OUT (RCA pin type), PHONES (Stereo mini type)" }, "Input Level" : { "AUDIO IN" : "-10 dBu (Maximum : +8 dBu), MIC: -41 – -13dBu (Maximum : -1 dBu)" }, "Input Impedance" : { "AUDIO IN" : "15 k ohms, MIC:10 k ohms" }, "Output Level" : { "AUDIO OUT" : "-10 dBu (Maximum : +8 dBu), PHONES: 72mW + 72mW (32 ohms)" }, "Output Impedance" : { "AUDIO OUT" : "1k ohms, PHONES: 10 ohms", "Audio Effects" : "EQ, Delay, Compressor, HPF, Gate, Reverb, Mastering effect" } }, "Others" : { "Other Connectors" : { "USB" : "B Type (for remote control from PC), MIDI: IN, OUT/THRU" }, "Other Functions" : [ "MEMORY (8 types), FREEZE (input video captured)", "BPM SYNC (auto transition synchronized to tempo), OUTPUT FADE (WHITE/BLACK)" ], "Power Supply" : "AC adaptor", "Current Draw" : "1.5A", "Power Consumption" : "18W", "Dimensions" : "313 (W) x 102 (D) x 59 (H) mm / 12-1/3 (W) x 4 (D) x 2-1/3 (H) inches", "Weight" : "1.2 kg (excluding AC adaptor) 2 lbs 10-2/5 oz", "Accessories" : "Owner’s Manual, AC Adaptor, Power Cord, Cord Hook" }, "All specifications and appearances are subject to change" : "" }

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Roland V-1HD Portable Compact HD Video Switcher

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