Rapco (TDIBLOX) TDI Blox Consumer to Pro Interface

Pocket consumer to professional interface with male RCA inputs and male XLR outputs

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Integrate your CD player.

Use the Rapco TDI Blox to convert the line level input from consumer grade equipment (i.e. tape decks, CD players, etc.) into a mic level balanced output via two integrated RCA male connectors to an XLR male output. An included level control gives the operator volume control of the outgoing signal.

  • Mute and volume control
  • RCA male inputs to XLR male output

Specifications for the Rapco (TDIBLOX) TDI Blox

{ "Approximate size" : "3 1/2" x 1 1/4" x 1"", "(1) XLRM" : "Male panel mount connector", "(2) RCA" : "Males wired on tail", "(1) Potentiometer" : "Volume control with knob", "(1) DBT" : "Transformer" }

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