Radial (R800 1117) Direct Box (Grey)

Stereo DI with Level Control

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What's in the box:

  • Radial Engineering Trim-Two Stereo DI with Volume Control
  • Limited 3-Year Warranty

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The Radial Trim-Two is a passive direct box designed for use with laptop computers, smart-phones, tablets and other consumer devices where the user has a requirement for a readily available volume control for quick adjustments on stage.

The Trim-Two includes a choice of input connectors that include dual ¼" jacks, left and right RCA's, and a 3.5mm stereo input. Each pair of connectors is wired in parallel with one another, allowing any of the inputs to be used as stereo thru-puts to feed an alternate signal path such as stage monitors. Inside, a pair of great sounding Eclipse transformers isolates and balances the signal with a linear frequency response from 30Hz to 20kHz. Capable of handling levels up to +15dB, these transformers provide typical -10dB consumer electronics with plenty of headroom.

As the Trim-Two is completely passive, no power is required. One merely connects the source to the Trim-Two and the XLR's to the PA System. An easy to access front panel level control makes adjusting the volume a snap, allowing the presenter or performer to quickly change the levels without the aid of a sound technician. The Trim-Two also features a handy Mono/Sum switch, making it easy to connect to mono PA systems or to split the balanced output off to two destinations. Finally a ground lift switch is included at the XLR outputs to further reduce the possibility of buzz or hum.

As with all Radial direct boxes, the Trim-Two features a 14 gauge steel I-beam inner frame and unique book-end outer shell to withstand the abuse of live production. These features all combine to make the Trim-Two a great choice for keyboard players, DJ's and audio-visual presenters that employ a laptop or tablet and demand quick access to a volume control.

Radial Trim-Two Features:
  • Stereo direct box for line level sources
  • Ultra linear response from 30Hz to 20kHz
  • Easy access front panel volume control
  • Choice of RCA, ¼" and 3.5mm Connectors

Specifications for the Radial (R800 1117) Direct Box

{ "Audio circuit type:" : "Passive, transformer based", "Transformer:" : "Custom", "Number of channels:" : "Dual channel (stereo)", "Frequency response:" : "20Hz to 20KHz", "Dynamic range:" : ">100dB", "Total harmonic distortion:" : "0.009%", "Phase Deviation:" : "<10° ", "Input Impedance:" : "10K Ω, unbalanced", "Output Impedance:" : "2.8K Ω, balanced", "Maximum Input:" : "+20dB @ 20Hz", "Features" : { "Input pad, Mono Sum, Ground lift" : "", "Input Connectors:" : "1/4" RCA and 3.5mm input", "Output Connectors:" : "XLR-M output", "Extras:" : "Copper foil shield" }, "General" : { "Construction:" : "14 gauge steel chassis & outer shell", "Size (L x W x D):" : "3.3" x 5.0" x 2" (84 x 127 x 48mm)", "Weight:" : "1.55 lbs (0.70 kg)", "Shipping size (L x W x D):" : "4" x 3" x 6.5" (102 x 76 x 165mm)", "Shipping weight:" : "1.92 lbs (0.87 kg)", "Power:" : "Passive, no power required ", "Conditions:" : "For use in dry locations only between 5°C and 40°C" } }

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