Pro Co Sound (CDPB) Panic Button Momentary audio rerouting interface

female XLR input, male XLR for outputs A and B, momentary press–to–mute, press–to–talk, functions with dynamic and condenser microphones

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The New Solution for Talking To Your Team!

Worship Leaders! With the ProCo

Panic Button

Interface Box, there is a way to communicate privately with your team members through their in ear phones and headphones! This handy device lets you switch the output of your microphone between the main house sound system and your team's monitor system. Simply plug the output of your mic into the XLR input on the interface box, and then route output A to your main mixer and output B to one of the inputs in your monitor system. When you step on the Panic Button's foot switch, your voice is routed away from the house mix and diverted to the monitors. As long as you have your foot on the button, you can talk to your worship team without being heard by the audience. Let off the foot switch and go back to normal operation. Unlike other brands, the Panic Button also works with condenser microphones! ProCo Panic Button Features:
  • Selectable as an A - B, momentary press-to-mute, momentary press-to-talk, or latching microphone muting switch
  • For use with both dynamic and condenser microphones
  • A - B Switch also allows unit to be used as a FOH muting switch
  • Gain and ground lift control
  • Status indicator light
  • Includes AC power dupply
  • Connects with standard microphone cables

Specifications for the Pro Co Sound (CDPB) Panic Button

{ "Selectable as an A - B, Momentary Press-to-Mute, Momentary Press-to-Talk, or Latching Microphone Muting Switch" : "", "For Use with Both Dynamic and Condenser Microphones" : "", "A - B Switch also Allows Unit to be Used as a FOH Muting Switch" : "", "Ground Lift Control" : "", "Status Indicator Light" : "", "Includes AC Power Supply" : "", "Connects With Standard Microphone Cables" : "" }

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