Furman CN-1800S Power Conditioner

1 RU 15 Amp Remote Smart Sequencer W/SMP

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Advanced AC protection and noise filtration

The CN-1800S combines robust control capabilities via SmartSequencing™. The new CN-1800S is one of the first products to feature Furman's SmartSequencing™ technology, which allows large and complex A/V systems to be safely powered on and off with a simple press of a button or turn of a key, even by nontechnical personnel. SmartSequencing's bidirectional communications between installed units enables a primary unit to control and sequence multiple secondary units, ensuring multizone electronic systems are powered on and off safely and dependably from a single control point across an entire installation. Units can be connected via current loop at runs of more than 1,000 feet with backwards compatibility with Furman's legacy sequencers.


  • Surge Protection
  • Noise Filtration
  • Voltage Protection
  • SmartSequencing™
  • Diagnostic Lights
  • 15 Amp Output Current
  • Remote Access (RS-232)
  • BlueBOLT Compatible®
  • Nine Total Outlets

Specifications for the Furman CN-1800S Power Conditioner

{ "General" : { "Family" : "Contractor Series", "Line Voltage" : "120 (Volts) ", "BlueBOLT Enabled" : "Yes" }, "AC Protection" : { "Automatic Voltage Shutoff" : "No" }, "Shipping Info" : { "Length" : "22.1 (Inches) ", "Width" : "15.5 (Inches) ", "Height" : "3.1 (Inches) ", "Weight" : "12.2 (Lbs) ", "Unit of Measure" : "Each", "UPC" : "654061028451", "Master Pack Qty" : "2" }, "Other Specifications" : { "AC Voltage Input Range " : "90-139VAC, 50/60Hz", "Maximum AC Current Rating" : "15 amps (Thermal breaker)", "AC Cord" : "3/14AWG, 10 feet, black, fixed, NEMA 5-15P plug", "AC Receptacles Rear Panel Outlets" : "2 Unswitched NEMA 5 15R’s (1 duplex), 6 Sequenced NEMA 5-15R’s (3 duplexes each controlled by separate relay)", "Front Panel" : "One NEMA 5-15R Convenience Outlet, Unswitched", "AC Surge Protection" : "SMP", "Spike Protection Mode" : "Line to neutral, zero ground leakage", "Spike Clamping Voltage" : "188VAC peak @ 6,000 volts/3,000 amps", "Response Time" : "1 nanosecond", "Maximum Surge Current" : "6,500 Amps", "AC Undervoltage Protection" : "EVS, 77VAC+/-3VAC", "AC Overvoltage Protection" : "EVS, 145VAC+/-5VAC", "AC Overvoltage Reset Modes" : "Manual and Auto-reset (configurable)", "AC Filtering LiFT" : "", "Noise Attenuation" : "Linear, 10dB @10KHz, 40dB@100KHz, 50dB@500KHz", "Operating Temperature Range " : "5C (40F) to 40C (105F) degrees", "Humidity Range " : "<90% rH (Relative Humidity)", "Key-switch" : "Front panel, 3-position key-switch (On, Off, Remote)", "Keys" : "Included, 1 pair", "Push-button Switch" : "Front panel, hidden by security cover", "Circuit Breaker" : "Front panel, push-button, 15A Thermal Breaker", "Front panel diagnostic indicators" : "Primary link, Secondary link, Ethernet, Remote off, Delay 1, Delay 2, Delay 3, Power, Protection OK, Extreme Voltage", "Front Panel DIP Switches" : "Front panel. Hidden by security cover, 1 Minute Delay, 2 Minute Delay, 4 Minute Delay, Force Off NO/NC, 12V Mode On/Off BND Mode On, Momentary/Maintained, Primary/Secondary, EVS Reset Auto/Manual", "Potentiometer" : "Front panel, hidden by security cover, fine tune delay adjust", "Control/Status/Triggering (Rear Panel)" : "Remote Terminal +5-30VDC In, 12VDC (12mA) Out", "SmartSequencing" : "Phoenix 4-Pin Connector, Screw Terminals, Primary & Secondary Links (Current Loop - 1000’ nominal)", "Remote Terminal" : "Phoenix 4-Pin Connector With Screw Terminals; +12V, STAT, REM, GND (Class 2 Wiring)", "Force Off/Delay 3 Terminal" : "Phoenix 5-Pin Connector With Screw Terminals, FORCE OFF, DELAY 3 (Class 2 Wiring)", "RS-232 Compatible" : "Yes, DB-9 Connector", "IP Addressability" : "Optional, via BB-RS232 Ethernet/RS-232 Adapter (sold separately) for IP control via Telnet, HTTP, BlueBOLT®", "Voltmeter" : "Available with RS-232/Ethernet option, ± 2VAC accuracy", "Ammeter" : "Available with RS-232/Ethernet option, ±1A accuracy", "Power Consumption (No Load)" : "10 Watts", "Safety Agency" : "NRTL-C, RoHS Compliant" } }

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