MediaSAFE Digital Audio Blank CDs

32X Digital Audio Rated, Silver, 80 Min., 700MB, 100 Per Spindle

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MediaSAFE Certified Digital Blank CDs are Tested and Proven to Work Better with Digital Audio Recorders than Regular 52x Blank CDs.

CD-R CDR Certified Digital CCI Solutions MediaSAFE Certified Digital CD Rs are specifically developed and extensively tested for audio recording applications and are designed for use in “digital audio” grade recorders bearing the “Compact Digital Audio Recordable” logo. Order in even lots of 100 only.

Intended for digital audio recorders, these discs feature:
• Write-once, permanent music storage
• 700MB / 80 Minutes
• Compatible with all CD players and recorders
• 100 per spindle, bulk packaged
• Perfect for real time music recorders
Applications for the MediaSAFE Digital Audio
Church Audio Recording
Sermon Recording
Music Recording
Image Backup
VCD Recording
CD-Rom Backup
Document Archival
File Transportation
Duplication CD-R
Recording Studio Masters

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