Energizer EN22 (EVE-EN22) 9 Volt Battery

Battery, 9V Industrial-Grade Alkaline, Bulk

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Long-lasting power for your wireless from Everyready.

The EVE-EN22 is Eveready's industrial-grade Energizer® 9V alkaline battery, perfect for use in wireless transmitters, audio testers and other compact audio devices. We buy them in bulk form and sell them individually to you to save you money. Don't be caught without spares. Stock up now!

Specifications for the Energizer EN22

{ "Classification" : "Alkaline", "Chemical System" : [ "Zinc-Manganese Dioxide (Zn/MnO2)", "No added mercury or cadmium" ], "Designation" : "IEC-6LF22 ANSI-1604A", "Nominal Voltage" : "9.0 volts", "Operating Temp" : "-18°C to 55°C", "Typical Weight" : "45.0 grams (1.58 oz.)", "Typical Volume" : "21.1 cubic centimeters", "Shelf Life" : "5 years at 21°C", "Terminal" : "Miniature Snap" }

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