Shure GLX-D Digital Wireless Systems

Take advantage of Shure’s cutting edge digital wireless technology to get super-clear sound with the affordable new GLX-D wireless systems. Not only will vocals and instruments sound “just-like-wired”, but with Shure’s new Lithium-ion rechargable batteries you can play and sing for up to 16 hours using on a full charge. That’s 8 two-hour services! And when the batteries are low, you can charge them in the built-in charger bay in the receiver’s front panel. Pretty convenient huh!

GLX-D systems run in the 2.4 GHz frequency band and allow you to operate up to 8 systems at the same time in one location. Shure’s Automatic Frequency Management makes sure your mics always have the best signal for seamless, uninterrupted operation - no worries!

Best of all, GLX-D wireless comes with the most sought-after Shure mic elements like the SM58, Beta58A, Beta87A and the SM86. Of course, the GLX-D digital bodypack systems make your guitars, instruments and headworn mics sound just like wired too!