QSC KW Powered Speakers

QSC KW Powered Speakers

The QSC KW Series powered loudspeakers are an enhancement of QSC's popular K Series powered loudspeakers, offering light-weight birch wood cabinets and larger woofer options for richer low-end and midrange sound at an attractive price. The QSC KW Series includes the KW122, with a 12" woofer; the KW152, with a 15" woofer; the KW153 - a 3-way model built around the 15" woofer, and the KW181 subwoofer.

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Power is nothing, without performance. QSC KW Series powered loudspeakers Offer both.

How does QSC use advanced engineering to deliver such accurate audio in such a compact package? Each of the KW Series speakers features a 1,000-watt class D power module, but that's only part of the story. KW Series speakers feature advanced design that allows the low-frequency driver to handle more power than other speaker designs, while generating less heat. QSC also carefully matches the coverage angles of each speaker's LF driver, with a custom horn powered by a 1.75" high-frequency driver, to deliver crisp natural sound to your listeners. The result is that your listeners hear low notes and high notes smoothly blended together, the way they were meant to be heard.

The CCI Solutions tech staff is very impressed with the warm but accurate sound and uniform coverage of these speakers.

Additionally, each speaker also has advanced digital signal processing (DSP) built right in. No speaker cabinet can avoid affecting the signals that are passed into it, but the KW Series utilizes a process called Intrinsic Correction™ to cancel out unwanted phasing that detracts from your sound. The KW Series' DSP also processes bass frequencies more efficiently with their DEEP™ algorithm giving you more accurate low end and protecting the LF driver from damage. QSC's GuardRail™ protection circuit protects the internal amplifier and your performance against ugly digital "clipping."

These speakers are incredibly versatile. They can be hung from walls, suspended from the ceiling or mounted on speaker poles. The multi angle cabinet of the KW122 allows it to be used as a great sounding floor monitor. The KW122 and KW152 feature QSC's Tilt-Direct™ sockets, that let you easily angle the speakers down, to where your audience is, instead of straight ahead, aimed at the back wall. The KW181 has a threaded pole receptacle and included threaded pole for positive, wobble-free mounting of top speakers with the subwoofer as a solid base. The full range models include built in M10 rigging points for flying, and combined with the Remote Gain Control feature, the QSC KW speakers are an excellent choice for permanent installations too!

The KW Series is designed to withstand the rigors of professional use. Advanced construction processes, premium-grade Baltic birch cabinetry, ergonomic, cast aluminum handles, low-noise casters (KW181) and a highly-protective steel grille provide for ease of transport and long-term durability.