Ellipsoidal Lights

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Ellipsoidal lights are a lamp-based stage lighting fixture that are typically used as front lights on a stage. Their beam can be accurately shaped using the four masking shutters so you can control where your light is focused to get a nice tight spot. Ellipsoidal lighting is also ideal for pattern (gobo) projection. (Gobos are like stencils that block, color or diffuse light as an easy way to add texture, designs or mood). As you explore the world of ellipsoidal lights, you'll run across the terms “field angles” and “beam angles”. Modern manufacturers use these measurements to indicate the spread of a fixture, or how wide of an area the beam covers. Beam angle is the more meaningful measurement because it indicates the angle of the beam between the peak brightness at the center down to half of the peak brightness at the edge. Field angle measures the angle from the center of the beam all the way out to just 10% of the brightness. For whichever angle you use, the rule is that as the angle narrows the light fixture can be used further from the stage.

Why Use Ellipsoidal Lights?

Anyone who’s seen a live performance of any kind knows that spotlights create dramatic emphasis at exactly the right moment. There are a few specific ways that ellipsoidal lights can enhance the overall feel of a performance:

  • By drawing the audience’s attention to a specific point or performer on the stage.
  • By creating a sense that nothing else exists beyond the objects or performers in the spotlight. This can convey that whatever that character is saying is vitally important.

The greatest value that and ellipsoidal light fixture adds to a production comes in the form of the audience experience. If the audience more thoroughly enjoys themselves, then it’s a worthwhile investment for you. There’s no question about it: ellipsoidal reflector spotlights will certainly help your audience get more immersed in your performance.

Where Can You Use Ellipsoidal Lights?

Anywhere that live performances take place, ellipsoidal reflector spotlights, will be a welcome addition. Ellipsoidals can be used for any lighting job, but their main use is to illuminate a specific area of your performance space. You may not have consciously noticed that something is missing from your performances, but you’ll certainly notice the difference once these light fixtures are added to your stage.

Some of the venues where ellipsoidal lights can be instrumental include:

  • Stages during live sets by performers
  • Theaters and music venues during stage performances and concerts
  • Event spaces during dances and other functions
  • Houses of Worship and Churches

The addition of reflector spotlights to any of these events will invigorate and engage the crowd in a way that you hadn’t previously dreamed possible.

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