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The best sound comes from one source.

Besides providing sound for all their usual major events since the advent of the WST(R) line sources in 1992, L-Acoustics(R) systems today add their sonic signature to numerous installations in theatres, convention centers, sport arenas, houses of worship, and amusement parks. Following the Winter Olympic Games ceremonies in Sochi featuring the new K2 line source system and all other prestigious references, the 250 employees of L-GROUP(R) would like to thank the worldwide community of users and the Certified Providers present in 60 countries for the trust and commitment they have shown in L-Acoustics.

L-Acoustics believes this recognition mirrors a philosophy adopted 30 years ago - the permanent quest for innovation - a philosophy which is relayed today by teams whose objective is to provide you with rational, quick to deploy, powerful but intuitive tools. As ever since 1984, performance must be irreproachable, predictable, repeatable, and all of this for many years, for greater customer satisfaction. It is for this reason that CCI Solutions supports L-Acoustics and their products.