Personal In-Ear Monitor Mixing Systems

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Decreasing your stage volume is proven to help make the house mix sound better, but you as a musician still need to hear everything clearly in order to perform your best. Personal in-ear monitor mixing systems have been revolutionising the way musicians hear on stage, which improves their performance as well as their band mates. If you're ready to take full control over your monitor mixes, and lower your stage volume for the house mix to be at its best, it may be time for you to look at moving to personal monitor mixers.

What is a Personal In-Ear Monitor Mixing System?

The personal in-ear mixing system puts control of what you want to hear into your hands, giving you 16 or more inputs or subgroups to create a custom mix that equips you to perform well. It's also a completely dedicated mix for your needs, meaning you no longer have to compromise what you want to hear with what others want to hear. The mix is yours alone, and yours to control.

Personal in-ear monitor systems generally include a number of key pieces of gear, including an interface to get your console inputs into the system, a distribution box that sends the 16+ channels of audio and power over ethernet (POE) to each personal mixer, and of course the personal mixer itself. Monitoring mixers are completely scalable and customizable to your needs.

What are In-Ear Monitor Mixers Used For?

Many churches have volunteer sound people who may be able to get monitors dialled in and may be able to put together a solid house mix. This can sometimes be a challenge to do both at the same time. Personal in-ear monitor mixers give musicians the ability to quickly and easily control their own monitor mix, and to plug their in-ears directly into the personal mixer that's usually located only a few feet away. Wireless in-ear monitors can also work with personal monitor mixers, providing the same flexibility and control for each musician without tying them to the personal mixer with a cable.

Get Your In-Ear Monitor Mixing System Today

At CCI Solutions, we offer a wide range of in-ear monitor mixing systems including monitoring mixing products from leading brands such as Allen & Heath, Aviom, Elite Core, and more. After hearing the clarity and detail that a good in-ear monitor system provides, it's hard to go back. The convenience, flexibility and intuitiveness of most personal monitor mixers is unmatched and puts the control at the hands of the person listening to the mix. If you're ready to make the move to personal in-ear monitor mixers, we are here to help you pick the system that's right for you.