DMX Terminators

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Digital Multi-Plex Cables, or DMX for short, are an integral part of controlling your stage lighting and atmospheric effects such as fog machines. The standard for lighting control today, DMX cables have a higher impedance than microphone cables, which is ideal for the transmission of high-speed digital data like DMX. While low-impedance microphone cables may work for shorter distances, it’s common to have intermittent issues with your DMX control signal when using microphone cables. DMX cables are strongly recommended for optimal operation of your lighting fixtures.  In addition to making sure you use the right cable, it’s important that each of your DMX signal chains is terminated at the end of each run.

What Does a DMX Terminator Do?

The digital control signal that is generated from your lighting console and is transmitted to your DMX controlled lighting fixtures is highly sensitive, and when the signal reaches the end of the signal path, without a DMX terminator it will bounce back through the cable and create digital cross talk. This can result in your fixtures flickering or not responding to commands quickly or accurately.  For optimal and consistent operation of your DMX controlled lighting fixtures, a DMX terminator should be added to the end of each strain of DMX.

CCI Solutions carries a variety of DMX terminators and resistors from top brands, including:

  • Elation is well-known as an innovator in lighting technology. Some of their breakthroughs include TriColor LED, Platinum Automated lighting fixtures and the EPV Series LED video panels, which brought together video and lighting technologies like never before.
  • Hosa is the brand of choice for hard-working musicians. The brand is known for its affordability and high-quality cable lines. Top musicians use this brand because it's durable and offers excellent sound quality.
  • DFD stands for Doug Fleenor Design, a manufacturer of DMX equipment for 30 years. DFD is known for both standard products and their custom design service. They are experts in theatrical lighting solutions and back up their products with a five-year parts and labor warranty.

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