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It's great when musicians and engineers collaborate on improving tools musicians use for live performance. That's exctly what happened with the new Digital Audio Labs Livemix personal mixing system. The folks at Digital Audio Labs wanted a louder and cleaner-sounding mixer that was simple enough for volunteers to use, but deep enough to give professionals all the tools they need for personal mix perfection. They've accomplished just that with the Livemix.

Many groups miss out on the benefits of personal monitor mixing beacue the initial cost of most systems is just too great. But the Livemix is unique in that each unit has controls for two separate mixes, cutting down the cost of hardware you need to buy.

Simple on the Surface But Flexible for Pros

Controlling the Livemix was designed to be simple. Three knobs control your master volume, "me" volume, and volume/panning for any other channel selected. Choosing a channel to adjust is as simple as finding the musician's name or instrument on the central touchscreen, or by pressing one of the numbered soft keys along the botom of the unit. For those looking to dig deeper and fine-tune sounds, there is full EQ and compression control on every channel, plus EQ, compression and reverb on the master output.

Livemix is really simple to use, yet deep enough for those wanting to get the most out of their in-ear monitor mixes.

Easy Mix Takeover with MirrorMix

If one of your musicians is having a hard time getting their mix to sound right, MirrorMix is the answer. Any Livemix connected in the system can view and edit any other mixer's settings. This means you can create mixes and push them out to any other mixer so your whole team doesn't have to spend time setting up (or getting frustrated with) their mixes.

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